Works in Progress

“The Belt and Road Initiative.” (Book Manuscript with Daniel O’Neill and Hong Zhang)

“The Contentious Politics of Capital: The Political Economy of Chinese Investments in the Philippines.”

Honorable Mention, Best Graduate Student Paper Award, American Sociological Association’s Section on the Sociology of Development, 2018.

“Sinews of Politics: The State Grid Corporation of China and Investment Coalitions in the Philippines.”

“Accumulation at the Margins: Mineral Brokerage and Chinese Investments in Philippine Mining” in P. Aulakh and P. Kelly, Asian Connections: Linking Mobility of Labor and Capital. Under Contract with Cambridge University Press.

Journals Articles

2017. “Inter-State Relations and State Capacity: The Rise and Fall of Chinese Foreign Direct Investments in the Philippines,” in Ho-fung Hung, editor, Special Issue in China in the Global South, Palgrave Communications, 3 (41), 1-19.

Book Chapters

2018. “China, Africa, and Global Economic Transformation,” first author with Ho-fung Hung in C. Alden and D. Large, editors, New Directions in the Study of Africa and China, Social Science Research Council. London: Routledge.

2018. “Hong Kong as an Intermediary of China and Southeast Asia,” in in T.W. Lim and T.Y. Kong, editors, Hong Kong in 2017: Two Decades of Post-1997 Hong Kong Developments. Singapore: World Scientific.

2017. “The Direction, Patterns, and Practices of Chinese Investments in Philippine Mining,” in J. Morris-Jung, editor, In China’s Backyard: Policies and Politics in China’s Resource Investments in Southeast Asia. Singapore: The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Press (ISEAS-Yusof Institute).

Commissioned Works by Think Tanks

2018. “Varieties of Capital: The Direction, Patterns, and Implications of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the Philippines,” 1-15. Occasional Paper Series, Stratbase-Alberto Del Rosario Institute (ADRI) for Strategic and International Studies.

2017. “China’s Port Acquisitions in Sri Lanka and Djibouti: Lessons on Chinese Developmental Financing for the Philippines,” 1-20. Third Quarter SPARK, Stratbase-Alberto Del Rosario Institute (ADRI) for Strategic and International Studies.

2016. “Contentious Capital: The Political Economy of Chinese Investments in the Philippines,” 1-16. Occasional Paper Series, Stratbase-Alberto Del Rosario Institute (ADRI) for Strategic and International Studies. 

Op-Eds & Policy Briefs

2018. “China’s economic capital in the Philippines: Problems and prospects,” East by Southeast, August 22.

2018. “Claims about China’s ‘missing’ US$24 billion border on yellow journalism“, East Asia Forum, August 20.

2018. “What happened to the billions China pledged the Philippines? Not what you think.” South China Morning Post, August 5.

2018. “Myth-Busting Chinese FDI in the Philippines.” The Diplomat, July 19.

2018. “Assessing Duterte’s China Investment Drive.” The Interpreter at the Lowy Institute, July 10.

2018. “China’s Belt and Road Initiative Paved with Risks and Red Herrings.” first author with Kuek Jia Yao, East Asia Forum, June 26.

2018. “Understanding the Logic and Impact of Chinese Foreign Direct Investments in the Developing World.” Scholars Strategy Network, April 18.

2018. “The Philippines Foreign Direct Investment Boom: Comparing China with the Rest.” Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation, April 10.

2018.  “The Philippines’ Chinese investment boom: more politics than geopolitics,” New Mandala, January 30. 

2018.  “The grand narratives of Chinese FDI aren’t’ so great after all” East Asia Forum, January 9.

2017.  “Why did Chinese investment in the Philippines stagnate?” East Asia Forum, December 12.

2017.  “Fact-checking critics of Chinese Aid,” East Asia Forum, November 28.