My next project focuses on two major subsectors that have expanded in the past decade: coal-fired power plants and the cement industry. In the Global South, rising population size and the majority’s demand in economic involvement lead to increased demand to energy access. Coal-fired power plants and cement factories have begun to expand exponentially in the Global South, particularly in Southeast Asia, where the largest number of coal-fired power plants are currently under construction. Coal and cement have caused enormous socio-environmental consequences. By examining Indonesia and the Philippines, two countries that have the highest number of new coal-fired power plants and cement factories in the world, this project will ask: Why are both industries expanding across the Global South? How do the attendant environmental ramifications of both sectors impact the livelihoods of the surrounding populations? How can countries pursue carbon emissions mitigation and environmental justice for the affected populace? I plan to pursue the project in three ways. First, I plan to document, track, and analyze the environmental impact of coal-fired power plants and cement factories in Indonesia’s Java Island and the Philippines’ Luzon. Second, I aim to create a dataset that documents the shareholders, business partners, and political allies of coal-fired power plants and cement factories. The final step includes working with civil society organizations to produce policy reports and public-facing output in order to lobby international organizations to limit these investments. Alongside these, I will also write an academic book and peer-reviewed articles on the global ecological footprint of both sectors.