If interested in copies of the working papers, please email me at acamba1@jhu.edu 

Working Papers

“The Contentious Politics of Capital: The Political Economy of Chinese Investments in the Philippines.” (Full Draft Available)

Honorable Mention, Best Graduate Student Paper Award, American Sociological Association’s Section on the Sociology of Development, 2018.

“Sinews of Politics: The State Grid Corporation of China and Investment Coalitions in the Philippines.” (Full Draft Available)

“Capital Exports with Chinese Characteristics? Examining Chinese FDI, Political Risk, and Elite Conflict in the Philippines.” (Full Draft Available)

“Elite Coalitions & Path Dependence: Global Regulatory Norms in the Philippine Mining Sector,” first author with Jewellord Nem Singh. (Full Draft Available)

Forthcoming Work

“Accumulation at the Margins: Mineral Brokerage and Chinese Investments in Philippine Mining” in P. Aulakh and P. Kelly, Asian Connections: Linking Mobility of Labor and Capital. Under Contract with Cambridge University Press.

“The Political Economy of the Philippines during the Spanish Colonial Regime” first author with Maria Aguilar in Hans-Jürgen Burchardt and Johanna Leinius, (Post-)colonial archipelagos – Comparing the legacies of Spanish colonialism in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. Germany: Kataloge bei kassel university press

Manuscripts Under Preparation

“The Belt and Road Initiative (Book Manuscript) .”

“Chinese Foreign Direct Investments in the Middle East: Enablers, Players, and Potentials.”

“A New Determinant of FDI? Comparing Elite Competition in Southeast Asia.”

“Illicit Extraction, Peripheral Capital: Chinese FDI in Philippine Mining”

“After Empire: Colonial and Postcolonial Development in Southeast Asia.”