1. The Determinants of Chinese FDI

Why do investments increase and stagnate at all? On one hand, the FDI determinants literature posit numerous factors that shape the supply of available capital, the decision of foreign investors, and the inducement by the host state. On the other, works on path dependency argue that the previous interactions of host states and foreign investors actively shape the outcomes of investments. My project addresses this theoretical puzzle by using the case of a “new” investor without prior colonial engagements to analyze the determinants of investments without the confounding factor of path dependency. I examine Chinese FDI in the global south in order to control for path dependency, making the dyad between the sending and the host state a “strategic resource site.”

2. Extractive Industries & Development

This project examines the evolution of the mining industry in the global economy since 1900. In my previous work, I examined the genesis, rise, and fall of the Philippine mineral regimes, taking into consideration successive and overlapping colonial and neocolonial powers, in three eras: late colonial (1901–1941), national developmental (1945–1964), and state authoritarianism (1965–1985). My project extends the analysis into the neoliberal era (1986-onwards), taking into consideration the long-term and complex impact of colonialism. 

3. The Political Economy of Colonialism

I analyze the incorporation of the Philippines in the global political economy. My work looks at the agricultural, mineral, and urban sectors to examine the political, ecological, and institutional impact of American colonialism.